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Five Manufacturing Industries That are Bringing Back American Jobs

The demand for American jobs and products “Made in America” is sweeping the nation and several manufacturing industries are answering the call. We are beginning to see a trend to re-shore or bring back American manufacturing to United States’ warehouses … Continue reading

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The Importance of Powder Coating

In industries of manufacturing, the term “powder coating” is fairly common. However, when a client orders custom springs, they may not fully understand what power coating is and its importance to the durability and longevity of a spring product. To … Continue reading

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Springs in Space

Custom springs can be found in and used for a variety of applications but many people are unaware of the role springs play in exploring the final frontier, Space.  For centuries, man has been eluded by the sky above him … Continue reading

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Spring Customization: The Power of Coiling Technologies

One of the greatest aspects of coiling technologies is our ability to understand every industry and even every piece of equipment that a spring will be used for. We know that a spring that works for the military may not … Continue reading

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