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Spring Dictionary

Spring Dictionary

Glossary of Spring Technology Definitions

Different Types of Springs and their Definitions
Automotive coil springs– Spring technology is used frequently in all vehicles. Anytime a car has a great suspension it usually is using automotive coil springs. If a car doesn’t have automotive coil springs it will not survive the wear and tear of the road. The main automotive coil spring that is well known and branded is called the compression spring. The compression spring allows for pressure on both ends of the spring to push in. Once pushed in the compression protects the automotive vehicle.
Assembly Springs– An assembly line is a process a business creates to manufacturer a product. The assembly of springs is very similar, it’s how springs are assembled in a mass quantity. If a spring needs to be placed into 1,000 units, the assembly of springs can either be done manually or electronically. If the springs are placed onto the product by an industrial robot, then that is the specific style of assembly.
Coiling Technology Springs– has the best coiling technologies available. The technology used at coiling technology is used to make the best possible coiled springs. Coiled springs is what specializes in. The technology to coil springs has came a long way and every step of the way coiling tech has figured out how to make springs better.
Coil Springs– A coil spring is one of the most common and popular types of springs. It’s a helical formed wire. Not every spring is coiled. Some of the very first springs in the history of the world were no where near coiled. They were used for buggies and they would protect the wheels. It wasn’t until the twentieth century when springs became more coiled.
coiled spring
small coil springs-Small coil springs are springs that are used in very small slots. These coiled springs can literally be as small as your pinky. These springs are crucial for the protection of many different products that use small screws and are usually just smaller in general.
coil spring compressor– In cases where the compressed spring needs to move in and out of a specific slot, a coiled spring compressor is usually the best device that helps remove the spring. The compressor compresses the spring and it makes it so the spring can be removed. Usually when both sides are compressed the spring will be able to be moved out.
Compression Springs– compression springs are the most common springs, they have helical shape with closed ends. They’re used to create an opposition force out of the pressure pushed on it.
Conical Springs– A cone shaped helical spring is what a conical spring is. In certain situations the conical spring is the best option compared to the compression spring or any other spring.
Custom Springs– In the world of spring technology it can be very difficult to find a manufacturer that can make the right spring for the right part. Custom springs are when a manufacturer decides to take the spring and create a custom size to fit a part or object.
Customized Springs
Mass Produced Springs– Spring technology has came along way since the 18th century. Now hundreds and even thousands of springs can be made in a day. Spring manufacturers now have the machinery to make a large quantity of springs in a very quick time.
spring coil – Whenever you’re referring to coil, you”re mainly talking about the circular or helical side of an object. Coil means a full curl and it is most commonly used in a spring.
Quality Springs
Torsion spring– Torsion springs have a helical design that exerts pressure along a circular path to apply torque, or, in other words, the spring action happens when it is twisted instead of compressed or pulled.
Torsional Spring
Small Torsion Spring– A smaller or more miniature version of a torsion spring.
Helical Torsion Spring– ALl springs have a helical design. The torsion spring has one of the best helical designs among springs.
Garage Door Torsion Springs
Stock Torsion Springs– Stock means pre-made, already in the warehouse. Stock Torsion springs is usually referring to pre made torsion springs.
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