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What Makes a Quality Spring?

What Makes a Quality Spring?

If you’re in the market for springs you probably might be thinking quality doesn’t matter as much because the spring is not a vital part of the project. To a certain degree this is true. However, springs that are cheap have problems quicker and if the spring has an importance in the object or part functioning correctly, it can make the product have problems quickly as well.

Cheap Springs will do the following
-Not allow for much pressure
-Will make louder noises when working
-If they bend, they break
-The steel will get rusty.

Quality springs will do the following
-Allow for weight
-Will last longer, over time
-Will never rust
-Will keep the product working correctly
-Will never make loud noises.
-Will compress back properly when weight is pushed on it

Obviously you can see that quality springs will make a difference in an investment. Coiling Technologies is a company that will deliver the highest quality when it comes to springs. We understand the importance of springs and how they can increase the value and longevity of a product.