Coiling Technologies, Inc. Updates To A New Website

Coiling Technologies, Inc. has updated the website to allow for better flow and client usability. More will come as we actively use the blog for Coiling Technologies, Inc. to spread the message of what we are doing.

Working with custom coil springs and wire forms has made it so that I tend to notice their uses throughout society as I go about my daily activities. Last night while I was working out I sat down to rest for a moment and started noticing just how many ways wire forms were being used in the weight room alone. Custom wire forms are unique in that they can be fashioned into basically any shape. This feature allows wire forms to be used for a number of different reasons.

As I looked around the weight room I was able to see more uses of wire forms than I could even count. For starters, every bar has clips that allow the weight to stay balanced on the bar. These clips are a wire form or type of spring. Another example is on a squat rack where the adjustable parts are all secured by wire forms. Also, the bench that I was sitting on has a feature to be rotated up for incline presses. That bench is held sturdy by the use of a wire form. Moving on to the treadmill and other eliptical machines, there are numerous amounts of small working parts that would classify as being called wire forms. Even the clock on the wall has countless tiny working parts many of those parts are springs and wire forms.

Even though I work with a texas wire form manufacturer daily, I still overlook just how commonly used wire forms are. The innovation of these highly sophisticated machines has caused an impact greater than I even realized.

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