Creative Ways to Up Cycle Old Springs

It’s not very often we get the chance to stray away from the business side of springs and take a look at the ingenious ways other people use springs. However, as we’ve seen a movement to take older industrial items (like springs) and up cycle them, we thought it would be a great change of pace to see the several ways springs can be utilized beyond their traditional uses.

Home Décor

truck springs kitchen stools

Several home owners are finding old military suspension springs and repurposing them to industrial, yet sturdy stools. These stools are an excellent way to reuse old springs that are commonly found on unused and abandoned large trucks.

candle holder from springs

The trend for recycled springs has moved beyond repurposing for furniture as many creative housewives are using springs for bedside table décor like this photo. This spring is being used as a decorative holder for a Christmas candle. What an excellent way to pull a charming, yet rustic look into a home.

rusty deco springs

These hourglass compression springs are perfect for a whimsical vase. Maybe this crafty person thought they’d make an excellent gift or conversation piece for the coffee table.

wreath made from old bed springs

This wreath from Etsy showcases a rustic charm that is ideal for a house’s front door.


spring used with flower pot

These springs are used as a unique type of planter in a backyard garden or on a front deck.

industrial springs turned into sculptural pieces

Using smaller compression spring, this outdoor lover made cool desert garden lanterns.

trellis from recycled bed springs

This smart gardener recycled their old bed springs into a functional and green trellis for their pumpkin plants.

place cards from old springs

While this could fall under the category of organization, this savvy bride pulled off a rustic cottage charm for her outdoor wedding as her guests were greeted with place cards on an old set of bed springs.


spring turned into idea board

Bed springs seem to be the theme for springs recycled for organization as the following three use them for artwork, as a memory board in an office, and as an organizer of food.

bed spring wall art

springs to hold paper cones

Creative Ways to Use Old Springs
As we see a movement to take older industrial items (like springs) and up cycle them, we are happy to see so many creative uses. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s out of the box post.

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The Importance of Powder Coating

In industries of manufacturing, the term “powder coating” is fairly common. However, when a client orders custom springs, they may not fully understand what power coating is and its importance to the durability and longevity of a spring product. To help understand the importance of powdered coating, we are happy to present this guide to powder coating.

What is a Powder Coat?

A powder coat is a tough, slender and scratch resistant coating that is applied to springs to protect them from rust and corrosion. Powder coating has several methods of application but each supplies the same result of colorful protective options for custom springs.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a very important process in the manufacturing of springs because it ensures the long lasting durability of a spring while maintaining the correct size and perfection. Before powder coating, paint or other protective agents would be applied to springs but these would drip, run or double the width of a spring. With powder coating, a protective film is applied. This film is thin, does not run and does not drip, creating a seamless protection around the spring.

The Powder Coat Process

The process of powder coating a spring begins with preparing the spring’s surface. Coil springs require a cleaning that removes any residue such as dirt, grease or oils. Following the cleaning of a spring, we dip the soon-to-be powder coated springs into an acid bath. This allows the surface to etch, ensuring the powder coat will stick and distribute evenly across the spring’s surface.

powder coating

Following the acid bath, the actual process of powder coating begins. While there are different types of powder coatings, the process applies a high voltage to powder coat particles and sprays them onto the spring. The particles stick to the springs by the electrical charge and are held there until undergoing a heating process that melts the coating into the film we know to be powder coating.

The heat process places the springs into a baking oven that applies temperatures over 400 degrees to the springs. This process cannot be applied to spring products that are plastic but the high quality metal springs can truly have all the benefits of powder coating.

Powder Coating Springs

powder coated springs

Powder coated springs can come in a variety of colors and provide lasting durability to springs that are placed in extreme conditions such as weather that would corrode the spring otherwise. We hope this quick guide has helped you understand the importance and process of powder coating. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Springs in Areas of Leisure

Recently, published their Springs Magazine, with this issue bringing to light the several areas of leisure where springs play a leading role. More often than not within our industry, the discussion of springs turns to areas of industrial manufacturing and business, leaving little commentary about how springs impact our leisurely time. Which is why we are pleased to see the Springs Magazine took the time to explore the springs in our every-day world.

What Defines an Area of Leisure?

In the magazine’s article titled, “Celebrating Springs in Leisure Products” by Gary McCoy, McCoy mentions that areas of leisure are defined by Market Publishers in their yearly report, “Global Leisure Products” as sporting equipment and toys. Essentially any product that could be used in a person’s leisurely time fit into the areas of leisure and our clients are often surprised at how many of these categories use springs to create the leisurely fun.

Sporting Equipment

On first thought, one may not be able to think of any sporting equipment that utilizes the use of springs. However, there are several sports that use equipment that would not be possible without reliable, durable and custom made springs. For example, did you know that a snowmobile uses springs in its clutch and suspension systems? The same goes for most other motorsport equipment including dirt bikes, four-wheelers, etc…

Another example of springs used in sporting equipment is in the sport of gymnastics. Many gymnasts use springboards to spring themselves onto the balance beam, pommel horse, uneven bars and even perform some amazing flips over the vault. Without springs, the sport of gymnastics would be completely different.

Another unlikely sport for spring use is basketball. In leagues like the NBA, NCAA or high school where many high level players are dunking, springs are used to protect against breakage of the rim. Springs assist in “break-a-way” rims which are spring-loaded to provide the rim with bending flexibility, providing the opportunity for a quality, hanging dunk without the rim snapping into two.


While springs are often found in more mature “toys” such as snowmobiles, they can also play a key role in the development of our children. Springs can be found on the playground, in pinball machines and even the most common of backyard accessories.

On the playground, you may watch as your child bounces happily, seated on a plastic horse attached to a spring in the ground. The spring bends, bounces and sways, providing your child with a safe, yet enthralling, ride on this favorite playground toy.

In other toys, springs are created to be bouncy fun. Pogo sticks have utilized springs for decades and without the spring, this toy would have never existed. Did you ever play pinball and use the coil of a spring to shoot the ball into play? What about jumping on the trampoline? We often watch our children bounce high into the air on this common backyard toy but have you ever thought how this would work without the ring of springs flexing to create a fun bounce?

The Life of Leisurely Springs

As you can see, springs play a large role in the ways we play and enjoy our free time. Whether we are athletes, dirt bike riders or kids playing in the backyard, springs are almost essential to having a good time. You can read the full Springs Magazine here and we’d love to hear what leisurely activity you do that utilizes custom springs.

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Springs in Space

Custom springs can be found in and used for a variety of applications but many people are unaware of the role springs play in exploring the final frontier, Space.  For centuries, man has been eluded by the sky above him but a few short decades ago, NASA sent the first man to the moon and the last frontier of man was opened up for exploration. Now nearly 45 years later, we are still exploring space with missions to our solar system planets and custom spring are just one of the tools that make the investigation of planets like Jupiter possible.

Exploring Jupiter

On August 5th in 2011, NASA launched the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, a rocket to blast Juno, solar-powered spacecraft in NASA’s New Frontiers Program, into orbit. Since its launch almost 2 years ago, the Juno Mission craft has traveled approximately 92 million miles away from Earth. Equipped with a one-way radio signal, Juno moves at roughly 12.6 to 13.9 miles per second and should reach its Jupiter destination in 2016.

When Juno reaches Jupiter, several probes and instruments will attempt to learn about the planet’s structure and core as Juno orbits 33 times. The one-way radio signal will send any information learned back to the teams as NASA and we will hopefully have a better understanding of the largest planet in the Milky Way solar system.

The Juno Mission’s Springs

While Juno should provide the NASA New Frontiers Program with valuable information, it is important to understand that none of it would be possible without the creation and use of custom springs. Juno has over 60 different springs that are used in three important ways.

  1. The first is to open the doors to the spacecraft’s solar panels, ensuring the ship is provided with power to reach Jupiter as well as transmit information.
  2. The second is to guarantee the spacecraft door remains latched during the craft’s extended flight.
  3. And the last way the springs are used is to deploy the obit arms when Juno reaches the planet to begin measuring Jupiter’s structure.

These 60 springs can mean the difference between a completed mission, valuable information and the further exploration of the Milky Way’s outer planets.

Custom Springs Are Universal

Springs are utilized for a variety of uses across the globe but it is interesting to think that these springs are soaring across the universe, helping educate the people of the world about our unique solar system. For centuries, man has been eluded by the sky above him but now custom springs like the 60 found on the Juno Mission make the investigation of planets like Jupiter possible.

You can find more information about Juno by visiting NASA’s site.

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Definition of Active Coils

Active coils are within the spring. An inactive coil is at the end of the spring on each side, therefore, active coils are all of the coils that aren’t on the ends of a spring. If the spring has an open end, meaning the coil at the end is cut in half, that means it has a half inactive coil.

When dealing with the language of springs, if you need to count the amount of active coils, just start on the second coil and work your way to the second to the top/bottom coil. You will be able to communicate really well with a spring specialist.

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Definition of Elastic Limit

With springs the elastic limit is the maximum amount of stress or pressure the material/spring can hold until it deforms.

Elastic Limit with Springs
If a spring has way too much pressure on it, and it breaks, or the coils permanently loosen. The coiling spring will reached its maximum elastic limit and it will be deformed until it’s fixed.

Compression springs that are cheap can reach their elastic limit often. Coiling Technologies offers very strong springs that have a high elastic limit.

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The Size of Compression Springs and How Size Impacts the Spring

Compression springs are amazing, they protect machines, and do many things in the world today. They’re the most commonly used springs in the world today. Compression springs come with a size and size can be the most crucial part of how effective your spring is.

Size and Weight Impact

The thinness of the spring has an impact on how much weight the spring can hold. If you have some pressure or weight that can be considered very heavy or just heavy, you would need to invest in heavy duty springs, or heavy duty compression springs. A vehicle or car is a wonderful example of compression springs that are very heavy duty. With heavy duty compression springs, you can get away with the springs being shorter.

The distance of protection will be determined by the height and strength. If the strength is very strong, you can get away with shorter springs, that’s if the weight of the pressure is not as high. If there needs to be the distance to protect, the longer the spring the better. If you have a long spring that is strong it’s the best investment. The length of the spring can add more overall steel, the steel when compressed will determine the length of protection the spring will offer.

When approaching a spring dealer, you will want to have all of the sizing semi- planned out. The best part about a company like Coiling Technologies is the fact that we know the impact size has on springs, we know how to customize springs and make springs worth your investment.

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The Resistance In Extension Springs

Extension springs are the more affordable route when it comes to spring projects. This cost effective spring is used to keep parts and things from slamming. Take for example the garage door. The resistance in that the spring creates prevents the garage door from slamming into the ground. It does more than that though, the resistance keeps all of the parts in play.

The tension is incredibly strong in extension springs. This is what makes their resistance just as powerful. If the The word Extension has the word tension in it, it’s there for a reason. The tension really does create a powerful resistance and if that tension is gone, so is the resistance.

Extension springs are easier to make. They’re pretty well branded and they have many useful applications. Extension springs are HUGE with trampolines. With trampoline extension springs, it’s pretty amazing. You have anywhere from 15 to 30 very large extension springs, attached to the poling around a trampoline. What then happens is a really cool game of energy transportation. As the human applies a force into the trampoline, all of the extension springs work together to pull the trampoline mat back to its original state. This creates an upward force, which throws the human higher into the air. As the human goes higher, the energy coming down is a lot stronger. This stronger energy forces the extension springs to pull the trampoline up quicker and harder, the human than goes higher and higher.

The trampoline is a prime example of how extension springs work. Apply the trampoline extension spring theory to many other inventions and you have an entire industry of extension springs. You can then see how extension springs might be a better fit for a project, over torsion springs. Torsion springs are great in their own way. The best part about coiling tech is the fact that we can customize extension springs and torsion springs.

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The Popularity of Torsion Springs

When you see a mouse trap the last thing you probably think of is a torsion spring. Interestingly enough, the torsion spring is practically on every single mouse trap on the market. Most people probably don’t ever use mouse traps, but this is one way to show the popularity of torsion torsion springs.

Torsion springs are among the most powerful springs. There power comes from their ability to create a forward snapping force. Torsion springs were born the same time the United States was born, right in 1777. The inventor of the torsion spring was named Charles Augustin De Coulomb. Six years after the invention a man by the name of John Michell tweaked the invention by tightening it and allowing it to create that stronger force.

Even before the 1700’s a torsion type spring was used before it was formerly invented. In medieval times the catapult was used, the forward thrusting power that happened when the pulled back energy was released created a great war time weapon with the catapult.

Outside of metal and outside of parts, when humans play sports they naturally create energy with torsion like movements. Take for example a baseball player that’s pitching. The pitcher transfers energy naturally just like a torsion spring.

Torsion springs are used in vehicles, they’re used for garage door openers. Torsion springs are many different engines, they’re one of more popular types of springs because they create that force when they resist force. The torsion spring is made by coiling technologies. Coiling Tech uses the best innovative manufacturing technology to make the torsion spring.

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The Advantage of Powder Coating Equipment

There are many advantages to powder coating equipment. Equipment that is metal especially. The biggest two advantages with powder coating is that the coating protects the metal which is protecting the equipment. The other main advantage is the fact that the rubber coating is very easy to grip.

There are other facts about powder coating that makes it very attractive to manufacturers. The nice part about powder coating is it’s all recyclable. The compounds are a volatile organic compound (VOC). The VOC are chemicals that have a vapor pressure, it can be made in room temperature conditions.

Powder coat has a nice texture that is actually ideal for springs. The springs will still have their strong compression resistance when they’re coated with powder.

The other advantages of powder coating equipment is the affordability. The material is more affordable. With the ability to make the equipment last longer and with the affordability, the return on investment is very solid.

Another advantage of powder coating is the fact that it’s very easy to remove. If after a year you decide you want to change things up all you would need is methylene chloride and it’s actually very effective at removing the coating. Another method to remove the powder coating is by abrasive blasting.

Powder coating is worth the time and money if you’re going to invest in the steel equipment!

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