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Ask About Disc/Washer Springs – Custom Belleville Springs
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Disc/Washer Springs – Custom Belleville Springs

Custom Belleville Washer / Custom Belleville Spring

Belleville Washers / Belleville Springs
Belleville springs (or Belleville washers) are disc-shaped rings formed on an angle and feature a very high tensile strength. The warp of the angle provides the resisting force, and these springs can be quite powerful with a very short stroke. When you need a heavy load bearing ability without travel, our Belleville springs are an exceptional choice.

Disk Spring Drawing

Custom Belleville Washers / Custom Belleville Springs
Coiling Technologies can produce a wide range of Belleville springs by applying our high-performance, internal equipment and automated processes. We can form or cut almost any diameter you need with our high definition plasma and water laser. We use quality materials in our designs to ensure the spring’s reliability even under extremely heavy loads. These custom Belleville springs are particularly well-suited to handle tasks that are subject to extreme thermal expansion or contraction, vibrations, or bolt creep.

Custom Disc Spring Template

Custom Disc Spring Template

Designing Belleville Washers / Belleville Springs
At Coiling Technologies we employ effective, fast, and economical technologies to produce the springs you need for your project. We can handle any level of production, from one unique piece to millions of units, and our engineers will work with you to make sure you get the Belleville springs that won’t fail in practical applications. Contact us today to learn more.


ISO 9001:2008

Max Outside Diameter

84 Inch

Max. Plate Thickness

2 Inch


Cleaning and Oiled
Powder Coating
Shot Cleaning


17-4 – ASTM A-564
17-7 – ASTM A-313
A-286 – ASTM A-5525
A-286 – ASTM A-5732
AISI 1075
AISI 1095
AISI 4140
AISI 4161 H
AISI 5160 H
AISI 6150 H
Alloy 20
Beryllium Copper – ASTM B-197
Chrome Silicon-ASTM A-401
Chrome Vanadium-ASTM A-231
Elgiloy (Nickel Cobalt Alloy)
Hard Drawn – ASTM A-277
Hastalloy C – AMS 5750
Inconel 600 – AMS 5687
Inconel X750 – AMS 5699
K Monel – AMS 4730
MP-35N (Nickel Cobalt Alloy)
Music Wire – ASTM A-228
Phosphorus Bronze – ASTM B-159
T-301 – ASTM A-313
T-302 – ASTM A-313
T-304 – ASTM A-313
T-316 – ASTM A-313
Valve Quality ASTM A 232
Valve Quality ASTM A 877
Valve Quality ASTM B 166
Valve Quality ASTM B 637