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Automotive Coil Springs

Automotive Coil Springs

Spring technology is used frequently in all vehicles. Anytime a car has a great suspension it usually is using automotive coil springs. If a car doesn’t have automotive coil springs it will not survive the wear and tear of the road. The main automotive coil spring that is well known and branded is called the compression spring. The compression spring allows for pressure on both ends of the spring to push in. Once pushed in the compression protects the automotive vehicle.

Other Automotive Coil Springs
The vehicles in todays world use all sorts of springs, anywhere from extension springs to torsion springs. In the car doors there are springs built in to make the doors function correctly.Even down with in the lock small coil springs are used. Automotive coil springs are built into the engine.

The History of Automotive Coil Springs
Back in time when horse buggies were being used, the people would use the leaf spring to protect the buggy from breaking when it hit rocks. This is the first ever automotive coil spring ever used.