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Why ISO 9001 Certification Matters

How do you measure quality? One way is to create an international standard that sets metrics for the quality of the thing in question. That’s the purpose of the ISO 9001 standard as applied to quality management. Developed by the … Continue reading

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Five Manufacturing Industries That are Bringing Back American Jobs

The demand for American jobs and products “Made in America” is sweeping the nation and several manufacturing industries are answering the call. We are beginning to see a trend to re-shore or bring back American manufacturing to United States’ warehouses … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Remarkable Service Career of the Humvee

By now, everyone has heard of the military transport vehicle known as the Humvee. Like the Jeep before it, the Humvee is an icon of the modern battlefield (and even Hollywood parking lots). In terms of service length, it’s also … Continue reading

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Understanding Lean Manufacturing

One of the hottest topics in the business world today is a school of thought that goes by the name of Lean Manufacturing. You’ve probably heard of it. Yet, you may not fully understand how important it is to modern … Continue reading

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Happy Manufacturing Day!

This October 4th marks the second annual Manufacturing Day. We think it’s definitely worthy of marking on our calendars. Originating last year, Manufacturing Day (or MFG DAY as it’s officially spelled) was started to deal with “common misperceptions” the public … Continue reading

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How Springs Are Made

Since many products rely on the durability of their spring components, it is crucial to select high-quality springs that will not fail prematurely. Untimely spring malfunction can be the result of several factors, which include poor design, the use of … Continue reading

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The Automotive Industry: Why Spring Manufacturers Should Diversify

The automotive industry has always presented a lot of challenges for those of us who manufacture the springs for them. The main issue stems from the tight restriction, safety/quality guidelines, and general business demands that are intrinsically linked to the … Continue reading

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How to Determine if a Spring Needs Replacement

Well maintained springs can last a very long time, but after so much stress and constant usage, there may come a time when you need to replace them in order to maintain the necessary levels of performance. Obviously, if a … Continue reading

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Made in America Again

Reshoring is a popular topic in the manufacturing industry these days. In basic terms, this refers to the process of bringing manufacturing tasks/jobs back from so-called “low-cost” countries to North America. There are a number of organizations in the U.S. … Continue reading

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5 Great Reasons to Use Coiling Springs

Coiling springs are available in two different variations. The first is the tension coil spring, which is made to resist stretching, and the second is the compression spring, which, not surprisingly, resists being compressed. Each of these springs can be … Continue reading

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