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Definition of Active Coils

Active coils are within the spring. An inactive coil is at the end of the spring on each side, therefore, active coils are all of the coils that aren’t on the ends of a spring. If the spring has an … Continue reading

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Definition of Elastic Limit

With springs the elastic limit is the maximum amount of stress or pressure the material/spring can hold until it deforms. Elastic Limit with Springs If a spring has way too much pressure on it, and it breaks, or the coils … Continue reading

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The Size of Compression Springs and How Size Impacts the Spring

Compression springs are amazing, they protect machines, and do many things in the world today. They’re the most commonly used springs in the world today. Compression springs come with a size and size can be the most crucial part of … Continue reading

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The Resistance In Extension Springs

Extension springs are the more affordable route when it comes to spring projects. This cost effective spring is used to keep parts and things from slamming. Take for example the garage door. The resistance in that the spring creates prevents … Continue reading

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The Popularity of Torsion Springs

When you see a mouse trap the last thing you probably think of is a torsion spring. Interestingly enough, the torsion spring is practically on every single mouse trap on the market. Most people probably don’t ever use mouse traps, … Continue reading

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